Striking and versatile products that make a difference. Impossible to miss in any sport or massive event - they make an immediate impact on the visiters and attract attention giving you the opportunity to become the main attraction in any event.
Inflatable Banners and Checkpoints

Banners and Checkpoints

Fabricated with great resistance and quality poliéster.
Reusuable covered with PVC for protection.
Case for transport, with silent air motor.
Service and Maintenence

Tents and Domes

High power motor with long-lasting durability.
Size: 3x5 m.
High quality printing on roof and sides.
Convenient for outdoor events, easy to install and to take down.
Service and Maintenence
Inflatable Domes and Tents
Interactive Inflatables


Used to promote brands or products, businesses or events.
Attention-getting and dynamic to provoke an immediate reaction to your clients.
Size proporionate to type of attraction.
Easy to transport and install.
Service and Maintenence