Radio Control

A dynamic and innovative way to advertise, with excellent outcomes.
Radio Control inflatables can be used in open or closed spaces, they´re easy to use due to their electrical system that permites and hour of flying time.
Heli Banner

Heli Banner

Printed banner in high resolution tied to a radio-control helicopter.
Banner Size: 1.2m. x 2m.
Autonomy: 10 x 10 min of recharge
LED Illumination
Unlimited area for operations and maneuvers.
Service and Maintenence


Personalized designs. Includes control, battery, and charger.
Sizes ranging from 3.5 to 7.5 meters in length. LED Illumination
Easy to operate with continuous flight for an hour.
Service and Maintenence
Radio Control Blimp
Realistic Radio Control Figures

Realistic Figures

Designs, colors, and shapes 100% personalized.
Sized from 1.50m. to 3m.
Includes: radio control
LED Illumination with vinyl printing.
Service and Maintenence

Flying Man and Jersey

Flying human figure or plataform with jersey shape.
Printing area of almost 12 m. sq.
Autonomy: 10 x 10min. of recharge. Velocity: 0 a 30 km./h.
Service and Maintenence
Radio Control Flying Man and Jersey